" Solving New Life Issues "

Are you experiencing new health issues like stress? AppSoch is a growing venture to help people find and solve the new problems of everyday life arising with technological advancement.

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Launched ! The SlideUpon 1.0 Android App (Work-break manager)

Screetime : Try our PC app and alleviate Computer Vision Syndrome

Good Thoughts to rejuvenate your mind.

New Issues we are solving...

Stressful Life

Poor-Work Life Balance


Tech Addiction

Losing Social Life

Computer Vision Syndrome


and many other problems related to the rapidly advancing lifestyle...people it's time to adapt!

Latest Tech Greening Blog Headlines ...

Mind Wandering : New Way Productivity

Mind wandering is something that we all do knowingly or unknowingly. After a tiresome day or a busy day, we look out from the office building and get lost. Some people say this habit is a waste of time and force themselves to be disciplined. If you too think the same , here's why you are wrong ?

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AppSoch Apps

Our venture has worked hard to make apps to help you lead a good tech life. Give it a try and I bet you!

Tech Greening Channel

Creating Awareness about the new technological advancements and it's down sides :

About Your Tech Life


Tech Greening Blog

Our life's are changing and we need to adapt ourselves to this new tech world full of new tech problem and here we go ! Advancing Life The Right Way

Advancing Life The Right Way


The Tech Revolution

We all use computers ,mobile and other kinds of digital media but in the long run it negatively impacts our health and cognitive abilities with lasting consequences :

Technology the right way

A Developing Idea ! Check Now >>

DePhobia - A Volunteer - We Support

Check out and contribute to the unique consortium.

Society has put many irrational beliefs into our young growing minds and this has left us depressed. Many a times we make illogical decisions in our lives, influenced by sciolist thoughts.


  • Coming up soon Spread & Earn Program

  • A New Tech Life Managing App under development ... stay tuned for now and do try our present apps and if it works , thank Python :)


The goal of this venture is to adapt the globe to the new tech world.

Green signifies vitality, freshness, growth, wealth, balance, health, & youthfulness.